STAT Delivery: What It Is and How to Do It Efficiently

What is STAT delivery?

Ever wondered what the term STAT meant and the urgency behind it?

Put simply, STAT means to do something immediately or without any delay. It’s commonly used in the healthcare industry to indicate when something is very important and needs to be handled as soon as possible.

In this blog post, we’re focusing on what exactly a STAT delivery is and its role in the healthcare supply chain.

What Is STAT Delivery?

A STAT delivery is a medical shipment that needs immediate transportation. Generally, it’s used for life-saving treatments or medications, like blood and vaccine deliveries. Regardless of the mode of transport, a STAT delivery is a higher priority than other shipments.

Top 5 Benefits of STAT Delivery for Your Healthcare Business

Top 5 benefits of stat delivery in your healthcare business.

Here are five benefits of STAT courier services for your medical business.

1. Patient Confidentiality and Integrity

One of the benefits of STAT delivery is patient privacy and integrity. STAT medical deliveries are done by HIPAA-certified medical couriers, depending on what logistics provider you partner with. This certification means that the courier knows how to handle protected health information (PHI) and is aware of its regulations.

By partnering with a HIPAA-certified courier, your patient’s medical information remains confidential.

2. Faster Service

You want a reliable logistics solution when you have time-sensitive medical specimens to ship. Most STAT courier services can deliver your package in as little as one hour. Patients benefit from this because around 90% of nurses cannot perform efficiently when medical deliveries are delayed.

3. Advanced Real-Time Tracking Technology

Another benefit of STAT delivery is the innovative technology. Logistics companies are always on the lookout for new ways to improve efficiency and visibility. Advanced real-time tracking is one of them.

Real-time tracking provides up-to-the-minute information on the delivery, making sure that the shipments arrive in good condition. Couriers can quickly resolve any issues that happen during transit. Overall, it adds an extra layer of security.

4. Excellent Specimen Handling

Most STAT delivery companies will have special vehicles and staff that know how to handle specimens. This includes knowing the temperature requirements for each product and how to maintain its integrity throughout transport.

5. Better Patient Care

You’ll get the medical supplies you need almost immediately, without waiting for days or weeks. Patients who need immediate treatment benefit the most from this.

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Healthcare Businesses That Rely on STAT Courier Services

Healthcare businesses that rely on STAT courier services

It’d be difficult for healthcare businesses to provide good patient care without STAT deliveries.

1. Hospitals

Hospitals rarely take a break from treating their patients, operating 24 hours a day and seven days a week. An efficient hospital will rely on a courier service that follows through on its delivery promises. The one-hour STAT delivery option allows hospital staff a better chance of treating their patients.

2. Medical Laboratories

Like other healthcare facilities, items delivered to and from medical labs are time-sensitive. Any delays will have a major impact on patient care. Medical labs often need to send out items for testing, such as blood samples.

3. Pharmacies

Today, more pharmacies are beginning to rely on STAT shipping services. It’s frustrating for patients to show up at their local pharmacy and find that the prescription they need won’t arrive for a few days. So pharmacists are taking advantage of STAT delivery options offered by medical courier companies.

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Navigating the STAT Delivery Tracking System

Navigating the STAT delivery tracking system

One of the most common STAT courier tracking technologies uses satellite data to track the package in real-time. This is accessible to the customer through an app or website.

Other tracking technologies include RFID (radio frequency identification) and barcode scanning. RFID tags and barcodes are attached to packages and read by special scanners to track their location.

“Within the Dropoff portal, our customers can track their deliveries in real-time and verify Proof of Delivery confirmations upon delivery. As far as our STAT delivery tracking capabilities go, our customers can even access the name of the patient(s) a delivery is associated with.”

Jonathan Taibel, Director of Market Operations at Dropoff

Tips on Choosing a STAT Delivery Service for Your Company’s Logistical Needs

“Right off the bat, I’d suggest addressing your biggest logistical pain points. A medical courier company can’t help you if they don’t know what you struggle with. You’d want a company that contributes plenty to the healthcare logistics industry. Especially one with couriers who understand how to handle medical specimens correctly.

One mistake will most certainly lead to risking patient care.

It’s not just about delivery. It’s about treating a patient. Something as simple as a medical product being stored at a slightly colder temperature or delivered 5 minutes late will affect the patient, no doubt.”

Jonathan Taibel, Director of Market Operations at Dropoff

1. Address Your Pain Points

Take a step back and look at your situation. What areas in your deliveries are you not happy with? Are orders experiencing delays? Is your customer service team getting too many complaints?

Once you’ve pinpointed your pain points, start looking for a delivery service that will address them.

2. Seek Advanced Technology

Consider the courier’s use of innovative technology. The ideal courier will have STAT shipping tracking capabilities, a sophisticated chain of custody, and unique labeling processes to fit your needs. They’ll also send email confirmations after a successful delivery.

3. Consider On-Time Delivery Rates

Find out their on-time delivery rate. Or see what others have said about the company’s on-time delivery rates. You can always contact the company directly and ask them for data on their on-time delivery rates.

4. Look for Expertise in Medical Deliveries

A courier experienced in healthcare logistics will better understand the precautions needed for a successful delivery. They’ll be familiar with the regulations surrounding medical deliveries and can navigate the complicated healthcare system easily. Overall, they should know the best practices for medical deliveries.

5. Gather Information on Their Cold Chain Management Process

Find out if they offer temperature-controlled deliveries. Most medical items need a specific temperature to maintain their effectiveness. Ask about the company’s cold chain management process to get a better idea of what condition your deliveries will arrive in.

Above all, don’t forget to compare the rates of different medical courier services.

How Dropoff Can Help with STAT Deliveries

How Dropoff can help with STAT delivery

“As a company, 80 to 90 percent of what we do revolve around healthcare logistics. The majority of that is STAT work for some of our premier customers.

Our on-time delivery rate is above 90 percent, and we continuously improve after each delivery. And how do we do that? We look to procedures we have in place that prevents errors moving forward.

Overall, we deal with thousands of medical specimens daily, giving us plenty of experience and room to innovate.”

Jonathan Taibel, Director of Market Operations at Dropoff

Dropoff has provided STAT delivery services for healthcare facilities across the US since 2014. Whether you need to transport medical supplies or deliver test results, our couriers go the extra mile every time.

We understand the importance of compliance and privacy in the healthcare industry, and we make sure to follow all regulations. Plus, we’ve got a pretty cool online tracking system that lets you know exactly where your items are at all times.

Talk with a Dropoff expert, and we’ll curate a custom healthcare logistics solution for you.

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