How Same-Day Delivery Gives Small Businesses an Advantage

Battling big-box retailers as a small business can be daunting for various reasons. Higher costs, smaller budgets, and limited resources are just a few examples as to why small companies can feel like small fish in a sea of large retailers.

However, small business owners have a secret weapon that can give them a competitive advantage over their large retail opponents. Parcel, a transportation logistics publisher, explains it as the unmatched passion they have for their customers and their products. And by going the extra mile to meet customers’ same-day delivery expectations, small businesses can succeed at retaining happy and returning customers.

In a recent survey conducted by Dropoff, same-day delivery was found to be the fastest growing expedited delivery option in the past year. Small business owners might fear that offering this service could rack up higher costs for their businesses, but consumers are willing to pay extra for expedited delivery. In fact, 47% of U.S. consumers indicated they have paid extra for same-day delivery in the last year.

So as same-day delivery is on track to becoming the norm for consumers, small businesses should keep in mind that this is a huge opportunity to retain existing customers as well as attract new ones. And the opportunity is not limited to large corporations. Notably, nearly two-thirds (65%) of consumers who shop at Amazon say they would order from other retailers that offer the same delivery options.

As Parcel notes, there are still many large corporations that have not yet started offering the same-day delivery experience consumers have come to expect. They might view this loss as “a cost of doing business” and be willing to lose a few unsatisfied customers, while small businesses strive to retain each and every customer.  And, that’s not to say they should use valuable in-house employees and resources to do the job.

Parcel states every minute of paid labor is a very valuable resource. Because of these circumstances, Parcel concludes, “Smart small business owners have learned to maximize these resources with exceptional attention and ingenuity.”

Teaming up with a third-party logistics partner that specializes in last-mile delivery can alleviate an enormous burden. Businesses can gain access to a large pool of drivers and vehicles without the extra costs, liabilities, and headaches of doing it on their own. And Dropoff has experience delivering for a variety of small businesses.

That means the delivery is not only making it to the customer on-time and in perfect condition, it also ensures that every item being delivered is protected against theft and damage, tracked in real-time, and handled with great care. These might seem like simple, common sense practices, but the delivery is the final touchpoint for a brand and leaves a lasting impression on consumers, often influencing whether or not they return in the future. 

Are you interested in learning more about how Dropoff assists businesses achieve last-mile delivery? Visit our solutions page.

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