Here’s How Bakeries Can Benefit From Same-Day Delivery

Aaaah…the smell of freshly baked treats. We all know and love that smell. And what makes it even better? Having a bakery delivery option to drop off the goods at your doorstep same-day.

Customer expectations are increasing in virtually every market segment, and the bakeries that make fresh bread, cakes, cupcakes, and cookies are no exception.

With bakery items, freshness is paramount. That means that customers want to purchase smaller quantities, but more frequently.

Bakers: how can you keep up with the increase in smaller, on-demand orders? You can invest heavily in logistics and supply chain infrastructure on your own. Or, you can plug into a same-day delivery provider with the infrastructure already built in.

For many small bakeries, the funds required for infrastructure upgrades just aren’t available. And in practice, these bakery owners could keep doing exactly what they’re doing – have staff double up as delivery drivers, or outsource to a local courier service.

SusieCakes Bakery leverages same-day bakery delivery for its stores across the country. With its size and national scope, partnering with a reliable and professional courier was a no-brainer. With a national partner, SusieCakes can offer cake lovers nationwide a same-day delivery option, with the added benefit of being able to track all of the orders in real-time, with visibility at local, regional, and national levels too.

There are advantages to integrating a same-day bakery delivery service into a bakery’s operations, beyond the ability to deliver yummy treats on the same day. Here are a few:

Keep bakery staff focused on what they do best – making the goods

You’ve likely hired employees who are passionate about and great at baking. And you probably invested countless hours in training to ensure consistency down to every bite.

In order to deliver baked goods yourself, you’ve got a couple choices: pull your highly-skilled workers off the task of creating delicious treats to make deliveries, or hire an employee just to manage deliveries.

Even if you rotate deliveries between baking staff, you’re still removing them from what they are best-trained to do. And you would need to supply and maintain vehicles and provide insurance. By hiring a driver, you have someone dedicated to driving – but that person might have a lot of paid, idle time, depending on your volume of deliveries.

With a service who can provide same-day bakery delivery like Dropoff, bakery employees can focus on making delicious baked goods and leave the deliveries to our drivers. And you only pay for deliveries as needed, which cuts out any payment for an idle driver.

Get better delivery visibility by leveraging existing infrastructure.

 Even if you find an efficient, cost-effective way to have bakery staff make deliveries, how much visibility do you have into the process? You could request access to their mobile phones to track movement, but beyond that, you have to trust that deliveries are happening as efficiently as possible.

With a same-day bakery delivery service provider like Dropoff, you’ll receive real-time ETAs for pickup. Once the driver has picked up a delivery, you can track deliveries in-progress on a live map. The platform also provides driver photos, contact information, and electronic signature verification from the customer once the driver hands off the baked goods.

And if you have an online ordering system, it can be integrated with Dropoff’s scalable API, enabling same-day delivery scheduling right at checkout. Bakery staff can spend less time on the phone scheduling deliveries. And users on both ends can check delivery status from anywhere, on mobile phones, tablets, or desktop computers.

Move more product while it’s still fresh – on the day you make it.

Day-old bread always sells for less, even though you incur the same cost to make it. What if you could move more of it out the door the day you bake it?

The flexibility of same-day delivery can help you push as much fresh bread, cakes, or cookies out the door at the highest price. Maybe you’re regularly left with a large amount of day-old goods, but you don’t want to reduce quantities. Customer preferences change and having extra on hand is better than running out.

With a same-day delivery service provider like Dropoff, you can move as much product out the door at full price while still having a surplus just in case.

What other ways does your bakery benefit from same-day delivery? Tell us in the comments.

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