Five Things You Didn’t Know You Could Get Same-Day Delivered

When you think “courier service” you probably think of legal documents being picked up from a law firm, title paperwork being delivered to a new homeowner, or something similar. But Dropoff isn’t your typical courier service. Check out these five unconventional items we’ve delivered for our clients:

1. Lobster, Oysters and Steak, Oh My!

In addition to daily deliveries of live lobsters from airports in Miami and Houston to restaurants throughout those cities, we’ve also delivered thousands of oysters for our client Clark’s Oyster Bar in Austin, and cases of steaks to restaurants in Orlando.

2. Caskets – Empty, Of Course

In Austin and Miami, online casket company, Fast Caskets, hires us to fulfill their promise of getting caskets to their customers quickly and with care. Logistics Officer, Colby Love, has this to say about Dropoff, “Our products are time sensitive and need extra care to be considered when delivering. Dropoff has come through every time.”

3. Placentas. Yes, Placentas. 

Our client, DFW Placenta depends on us to execute the time-sensitive and often late-night pickup and delivery of human placentas from hospitals throughout the city. DFW offers placenta encapsulation, smoothie drops, tinctures, and more to help transition new moms into a healthy postpartum. Here’s what co-owner, Maryn Taylor has to say about us, ““Dropoff just makes sense. There’s always a courier in uniform and ready to go, regardless of the hour.  When the courier arrives at the hospital, they call to let the family know they’ve arrived, they get the packaged placenta, and have someone sign at the time of the pickup. … Using a courier service lets us spend more time with our families! Instead of spending countless hours in the car, we’re at soccer games and band competitions and piano recitals – or just sitting on the couch, hanging out with our kids. I can’t tell you how many times we get calls during an activity that’s really important to one of our kids and instead of leaving, we’re able to send our courier service.”

4. Retail Items For When You Just Can’t Wait

One of the latest trends in luxury retail shopping is same-day delivery – and Dropoff is proud to be a preferred partner of many luxury retail brands. Whether we’re delivering Gucci loafers, a whole new outfit from Neiman Marcus, or a pair of Eliza Page earrings, we’ve seen it all when it comes to retail items consumers want delivered same-day.  

5. Wine. Need We Say More?

On behalf of our many winery clients, we deliver bottles and cases of wine to customers throughout all our markets. In case you needed another reason to sign up for your local winery’s wine club, same-day delivery should do the trick.

Dropoff is not your typical courier service. We deliver items from a variety of industries including health care, retail, food and grocery, business services, commercial and industrial and beyond. Whatever your business needs delivered, we can help. Learn more about our services today!

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