Why UPS Isn’t Your Best Option for Same-Day Delivery

Think back to when you last shipped something across town. Did you use UPS or another large parcel company to complete your delivery? Many people think that these shipping behemoths are their only options when it comes to delivery. While UPS is a top choice for overnight or multi-night shipping, there’s a better option for local, same-day delivery. Dropoff can get your items across town as quickly and efficiently as possible – and for a reasonable price. So next time you need items taken downtown, to the surrounding suburbs or to the next city over, consider the following:

Local, Same-Day Focus

UPS has acquired over 40 companies, expanding their services to include domestic shipping, international shipping, trucking, air freight, customs brokerage, international trade services, and more. It’s safe to say that same-day delivery isn’t their core focus. With Dropoff, we solely focus on local, same-day logistics. 


Operating a global logistics company means that rules and regulations must be in place to ensure that all moving parts run smoothly. While strict protocol keeps UPS functioning, it can come at a cost to you. For instance, when you ship something through UPS it goes to multiple sorting and distribution warehouses before arriving to its final destination – even if the item you’re shipping is just going down the street. At Dropoff, you only pay for the distance to get your packages from your exact pickup location to your exact delivery location. Additionally, Dropoff provides our customers with flexible shipping speeds, ranging from All Day to ASAP.  

Transparent Pricing

At UPS, a variety of things can affect your shipping costs. Package dimensions and packaging used are just a couple examples of details that can increase the cost of your delivery. UPS regularly changes their pricing structure. For example, they recently added an additional $10.50 handling fee if the the longest side of your package is 48” or more. It’s tough to keep up with all of these pricing details, and even harder to understand exactly what you’re paying for. With Dropoff your delivery cost is based on the distance your package needs to go, the speed at which it needs to get there, and the time it needs to arrive. It’s that simple. 

Read more about how Dropoff is a better alternative to UPS when it comes to local, same-day delivery. 

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