Why This Former Pharmacy Manager Joined Dropoff

“Where is my delivery?” is not what you want to hear when you pick up the phone at your healthcare facility. We have all received this call and then scrambled to find the answer. How much time is lost finding out where the item is in its course?

I know firsthand the struggle and frustrations that come with this process. As a former pharmacy manager, I’ve had to dig through piles of information to get an answer to that seemingly simple question. Since October is American Pharmacists Month, I wanted to share my journey with Dropoff and shed some light on a service that can dramatically make a pharmacist’s life easier.

In that role, I tried all of the different delivery options available to me. I had my own fleet of drivers, used outsourced couriers, and even experimented with a hybrid of both. The problem I found with using outsourced couriers was the general lack of concern about the end result – getting health care packages to patients on time and in pristine condition.

I eventually found a young startup in its early days that got it right – Dropoff. The team listened to my workflow issues and came up with personalized solutions. They created different delivery options based on my hours of operation, provided real-time tracking of their (HIPAA compliant!) drivers, and provided upfront transparent pricing. These features significantly reduced the number of “where is my delivery” questions we received both during business hours and on-call/after hours. My staff and I were elated!

As the partnership continued, Dropoff developed more technological advancements, including Dropoff Tracker, which gives clients the ability to track each and every delivery occurring from multiple pharmacy locations. Another enabled patients to get signature verifications via email, which helped cut down dramatically on paperwork. These advancements afforded  us the time to focus on the clinical care for our patients instead of delivery logistics.

I appreciate when a company takes the time to understand each business’ specific needs. This is part of the reason I now work at Dropoff. The company reflects my passion for patient care by making every delivery matter to them, which certainly mattered to me. I thought, “if this company cares about healthcare delivery this much already, can I be a part of it, and perhaps make it even better?”

In healthcare, we don’t always get to be face-to-face with our patients. I wanted to find a courier company that reflected my staff and me as much as possible. Through technology and understanding my service needs, Dropoff delivered.

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