What We Know About UberRUSH’s Shutdown

Uber recently announced it will be shutting down its RUSH service at the end of June, according to numerous online reports. The service, available in New York City, San Francisco and Chicago, provides same-day delivery services for SMB and Enterprise businesses. Last April, Uber stopped providing its RUSH services to restaurants, encouraging them to instead use UberEATS, the company’s food delivery service.

A March 31st article in Fortune stated, “It’s not clear precisely why Uber is shutting down UberRUSH, but the challenges of high-speed courier service might have proven a poor fit for Uber’s hands-off approach.”

Uber then confirmed reports of the shutdown to TechCrunch, stating, “We’re thankful for our partners and hope the next three months will allow them to make arrangements for their delivery needs. We’re already applying a lot of the lessons we learned together to our UberEats food delivery business in over 200 global markets across more than 100,000 restaurants.”

You can read more about the news here. In the meantime, Dropoff is ready to support the same-day delivery needs of businesses large and small with our reliable service and professional drivers.  

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