7 Tips for Successful Cupcake Delivery

When hours upon hours of prep work and planning go into making someone’s event special, the last thing you want is unreliable delivery. Here are highlights from our list of tips and tricks for successful cupcake delivery, and reasons why using Dropoff is a great alternative to hiring your own delivery staff.

Plan Ahead

You put a plan in place before creating your cupcakes, and you should do the same with your deliveries. Planning for unexpected surprises during the delivery journey will greatly reduce your stress and allow you to quickly put out fires. Is there an alternate route you can take that avoids excessive turns and will allow you to drive slowly? Do you need extra help carrying the cupcakes inside the venue? Being able to answer questions like these will make your delivery go more smoothly. 

Packing and Transporting  Your Cupcakes

Once your cupcakes are inside your delivery vehicle, place them on a non-slip mat on the floor of your car and keep your car air-conditioned the entire way. It can be helpful to place boxes or towels around the base of your cupcakes to prevent any potential sliding.

Outsourcing Your Deliveries to Dropoff

We are very experienced in the delivery of bulk cupcakes and other baked goods. With Dropoff, you never have to stress about your cupcakes arriving to their destination in perfect condition. We work hard to deliver your customers the same great service they expect from you. 

Drivers and Vehicles

Our Dropoff drivers always arrive uniformed and are background-checked and insured. Our drivers are friendly and have extensive customer service experience so you can be confident in having them interact with your customers. 

drivers deliver in cars, SUVs, and vans to accommodate any size bakery delivery, from bulk cupcakes to a single box of macarons. Our vehicles are always branded and climate controlled to keep your cupcakes as fresh as possible during transportation. 

Our client, Annie Hall, Owner of Annie’s Culinary Creations raves about our drivers. “I have nothing but good things to say about the Dropoff Team! Every courier that has picked up has been on time, professional and courteous. We would highly recommend Dropoff!” 

After Hours and Weekends

We work around the clock and on holidays to deliver your bakery goods. Weddings, birthday parties, and special occasions rarely happen during the week between 9am and 5pm, that’s why we are available at all times. 

Tracking Technology

Worried about not being along for the ride? With Dropoff, you are able to track your deliveries on a live-map throughout the entire journey. Our up-to-the-minute ETAs let you rest assured knowing that your delivery will arrive on time. Additionally, we provide email confirmations and delivery signature verifications.

Fleet Replacement

Managing your own delivery fleet is costly and a liability. Vehicles costs, maintenance fees, delivery personnel salaries, and other costs quickly add up. Let Dropoff handle your deliveries, reliably and efficiently, so you can take back your time and resources. 

Learn more about tips and tricks for cupcake delivery and the benefits of using Dropoff for your deliveries.

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