The Convenience of Using an On-Demand Courier Service

In our fast-paced world, convenience is key. Here are some ways that, when it comes to convenience, on-demand couriers deliver: 

Day-Of and Pre-Scheduled Delivery:

You don’t always know in advance when your need for delivery will arise, so using a flexible on-demand courier service can help alleviate the pressure of an already hectic workday. If you do happen to know about a delivery in advance, some on-demand couriers, including Dropoff, also allow you to pre-schedule your orders

After Hours and Weekend Service:

The ideal on-demand couriers are available 24/7/365, even on holidays. Same-day delivery needs can happen outside of “normal” business hours.  For clients in the Food & Grocery or Health care industries, for example, the need for same-day delivery will often happen at night and on weekends. If your on-demand courier service isn’t available to you then, how are they helping you?

Real-Time Tracking, ETAs, and Confirmations:

Have you ever used a courier service, only to find yourself calling in to confirm that your packages have been delivered? The best on-demand courier services offer live map tracking so  you can follow your package delivery from start to finish. They will also send up-to-the-minute ETAs and delivery confirmations so you stay informed of your order status along its journey and through to completion, without having to call in. 

Online and Mobile Ordering:

If you’re on the go, you want a courier service that offers online and mobile ordering, in addition to being available by phone. Whether you are in a meeting or running errands, find an on-demand courier service that has user-friendly online and mobile ordering. 

With Dropoff, you get an on-demand courier service that checks all the boxes. Our reliable and professional same-day service gives you the convenience you need and the peace of mind you expect in a courier service.

Read more about on-demand courier services and get started with Dropoff today.

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