Is Same-Day Grocery Delivery Right for Your Business?

With almost everything now available at your fingertips — and we mean almost everything — consumers are shifting the way they spend their money. Convenience plays a big role in this cultural shift, and technology brings opportunities to take care of mundane tasks like grocery shopping without having to set foot in a physical store.

Many are quick to credit Millennials for disrupting the grocery industry, and consumerism in general for that matter. To meet this demand, Amazon and large grocery chains are enabling consumers to purchase their groceries online and pick them up in-store or have them delivered straight to their doorsteps.

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In order to compete, brick-and-mortar grocers may need to make changes. So how do you determine whether on-demand grocery delivery is right for your business? Consider these facts.

Customers are requesting it. Given the convenience of shopping from your phone, tablet, or laptop, retail customers demand same-day delivery. Amazon Prime customers now enjoy Same-Day and in some cases, free Two-Hour Delivery. They see something on their screen. They want it, and they want it ASAP. Businesses that offer on-demand delivery have seen improvements in their customer retention by offering readily available products and services. In fact, according to our February 2018 survey of U.S. consumers, 74% say they are more likely to purchase again from a retailer after receiving same-day delivery. Apparently, the convenience becomes too good to pass up.

Same-day grocery delivery appeals to more than just Millennials. Grocery delivery isn’t just for Millennials and Gen X. Baby Boomers are contributing to the customer base in the growing same-day delivery industry launched by their technologically savvy offspring. For some who are homebound, whether for health or logistical reasons, same-day grocery delivery offers a convenient solution to an otherwise impossible or extremely difficult task.

Traditional grocery shoppers are busier than ever. Between commuting, working long hours, going to the gym, picking up or dropping off their kids, time is a very precious resource. Same-day grocery delivery allows busy, working individuals more time with their loved ones. Groceries are delivered right to their door, in a few hours or less.  

Businesses need groceries, too. Oftentimes, the ever-evolving startup space requires employees to multitask and fill multiple roles. Coordinating an entire office’s operations is a duty on its own. Businesses and office personnel often need to place large orders, sometimes with very short notice. Offering on-demand grocery delivery could set you apart from others and put you at the top of a business’ go-to list for restocking the kitchen or setting up a spur-of-the-moment meeting.

Launching a new product just got easier. Offering same-day delivery services is also a great way to get your brand right to the customer’s front door. New brands and CPGs can find this useful and more cost effective than purchasing and maintaining an in-house fleet. You have a great product, so why not make it readily available to your customers?

Grocers should consider partnering with a same-day delivery service who offers climate-controlled grocery delivery. Dropoff has vast experience delivering temperature-sensitive grocery items. Our delivery vehicles are climate-controlled and our drivers carry insulated bags. We understand the requirements for delivering perishables. So whether you need catering taken to a corporate lunch or groceries delivered on Saturday morning, Dropoff is here to do the heavy lifting.

Our service is available 24/7, 365 days a year, whenever we’re needed. And you and your customers can track deliveries on a live map throughout the process, so you are never inconvenienced or left in the dark.

Still unsure? Give it a trial run. For more information on why same-day delivery could be beneficial to your business, download our Same-Day Delivery for Retail eBook. It offers tips and solutions for giving your business a leg up on your competition.

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