8 Things That Make a Courier Service the Best

When it comes to your business, you want the best vendors available, and delivery is no exception. So whether you’re sending cupcakes to a client, need medication delivered to a patient, or want documents taken across town, choosing the best courier service for your business needs is important. With so many options available to you, narrowing them down can be overwhelming. If you are searching for the best courier service to fit your business needs, make sure the service you choose has the following attributes to ensure success.

1. A Focus on Customer Service: The best courier cares deeply about their customers’ needs and is ready to tackle any challenge. They treat every delivery with care, so whether you are moving flowers or home infusions, you can be sure that your delivery is in the best hands. The best courier service represents your brand the way you want it to be represented.

2. Reliability: The best courier service will make sure your items get where they need to go, safely and on time. 

3. Honesty: In the rare event that something goes wrong during a delivery, the best courier service will alert you to the problem and suggest solutions.

4. Professionalism: You want someone who will represent your brand in the best light possible. The best courier service has drivers who are uniformed, polite, and drive clean vehicles. 

5. Transparency: It’s helpful to have clear communication during the delivery process, so that you are never left in the dark. The best courier will notify you when they confront traffic, if your delivery might be late, and once the delivery is complete. 

6. Ease of Use: The best courier service should be easy to use. Ordering should be readily available by phone or online, and real-time tracking should let you know exactly where your items are in the delivery process. 

7. A Fair Value: The best courier service understands that you want a good value for your business, so they give you a fair price for their services. 

8. Enough Manpower: You don’t want a courier who is inconsistent with availability. The best courier service is able to predict peak hours and days, and will have enough drivers on the road to serve their customers. 

To help narrow down your choices, figure out what traits are most important to your business and make a short list of couriers who fit the bill.

Are all of these traits important to you?  Well, you’re in luck. The team here at Dropoff works hard to make sure we’re checking off all these boxes — and more.  Contact us when you’re ready to set up an account.

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