How are Consumers Reacting to the Idea of Amazon Key?

Recently, online channels have been buzzing about the launch of Amazon’s latest offering, Amazon Key. The new service lets customers grant in-home access to Amazon delivery staff, using a computerized lock and a webcam for security purposes.

And though Amazon Key is receiving a lot of attention, not all of it is positive. Opinion pieces question Amazon’s intent, along with the repercussions of allowing an unknown person into your home. Comments on Twitter range from embracing Amazon Key to concerns about personal safety. And earlier this week, PC Magazine reported on how the system can be hacked. So what do people really think of the in-home access Amazon Key offers?

Here are a couple of polls taken in recent weeks that give a bit more detail:

Right after Amazon Key’s launch, technology trends website 9to5Mac conducted a survey of roughly 6,000 respondents. They asked survey participants one question:

“How comfortable do you feel about guest access via smart locks?”

Amazon Key study 1-min.jpg

If you look at the red column, 37% of respondents aren’t comfortable with a service like Amazon Key allowing on-demand access into their homes. 50% of respondents are comfortable with a controlled version of the idea, i.e. being able to approve each individual entry or only allowing access to “trusted” individuals. Only 11% said there were comfortable with on-demand access.

Morning Consult, an online news and research publication, conducted a similar poll of with 2,200 responses. They also asked only one question:

How comfortable would you be allowing delivery drivers to enter your home using an access code or smart door lock to deliver packages or groceries?”

Amazon Key study 2-min.png

These results are more promising than the 9to5Mac survey results, but still only 26% of respondents aged 30 – 44 are comfortable with the idea. While the numbers are a bit better for consumers aged 18 – 29 (33% percent are comfortable), the numbers go way low for respondents aged 55 – 64 (16% are comfortable) and aged 65+ (14% are comfortable).

While it seems there’s a lot of interest in the idea of Amazon Key, it’s clear the majority of U.S. consumers aren’t ready to grant in-home access to delivery services.

So how can businesses meet the on-demand delivery needs of consumers who want their items delivered faster and faster, at the exact place and time they want it delivered?

Dropoff offers businesses a same-day delivery solution with near-endless flexibility for their customers. Deliveries can be scheduled for exactly when and where the customer requests — when they know they’ll be home, wherever they are, either pre-scheduled, or on-demand. And upfront pricing guarantees there are no surprises for anyone.

Our real-time package tracking technology pinpoints exactly where a package is at any given time. And one of our screened, insured, and uniformed drivers will make the delivery and obtain a signature verification. Delivery confirmations are sent instantly.

Businesses and their customers have a variety of desires when it comes to delivery experiences, and the 2017 holiday season looks to be a proving ground for same-day delivery. According to our holiday survey, 90 percent of last-minute shoppers are more likely to shop with retailers who offer same-day delivery.

So, how many will use Amazon Key versus retailers that leverage secure, same-day delivery solutions like Dropoff? Only time will tell. We’re excited to see how things unfold this holiday season. What do you think will happen? Tell us in the comments.

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