Demand These 6 Features In Your Same-Day Delivery Service

Same-day delivery is becoming the norm in our fast-paced world. Amazon, Google, Target, and many others are offering same-day delivery services to their customers, in some form or another. The big heavy hitters expect and offer premium service, and so should you. When evaluating same-day delivery service providers, ensure they have these critical features before making your choice.

Superior Customer Service

Customer service can make or break your business. We’ve all had our own personal experiences (good and bad), and there are tons of customer service statistics online to back them up. So how can you understand the 360-degree customer experience for a same-day delivery service provider? Look at the picture with two lenses: yours and your customer’s.

Research what your experience will be with the provider. What are all the touchpoints? If you have both phone and online interactions, ask to try them out. Are the staff on the other end of the line friendly, helpful, and empowered to serve you? Does the web platform have the flexibility to handle all of your delivery requirements? Consider all the ways the provider can meet your needs.

Then, think about it from your customer’s point of view. Is their delivery driver experience consistent and professional? Do they have easy visibility into the status of their deliveries? What’s the proposed resolution if a problem or error occurs? Walk through their side of the transaction to understand the potential outcomes.

Uniform Fleet of Drivers

Your customers demand a reliable, consistent delivery experience every time they interact with your brand. The best way to guarantee this experience is to use a same-day delivery service with a fleet of personnel who adhere to a set of standards.

Look for a same-day delivery service provider that runs background checks on drivers and insures them as well. Uniforms and marked vehicles also provide an important added identifier for anyone receiving a delivery.

Ask what type of orientation is provided for drivers, how their performance is measured, and how you can provide feedback on individual drivers. If you have specific requirements  (like HIPAA for healthcare products), ask about compliance with industry regulations.

Flexible Scheduling

Customer preferences about delivery vary drastically. Some will always place orders in advance, while others will put them in at the last minute. Same-day delivery service providers must be able to handle all scenarios.

Prescheduled orders are generally the easy part. In order to fulfill on-demand orders, ask about the availability of drivers. What type of window can they meet for on-demand fulfillment, and what formats are available for requesting on-demand (phone, web, etc.)? The smaller the window, the more likely you are to meet customer expectations for same-day delivery. And a web-based format for inputting orders saves time you might spend sitting on hold.

Transparent Pricing

When pricing is presented upfront, there are no surprises – an especially critical feature for cost-conscious businesses. Look for information on how a same-day delivery service provider prices their services.

What’s the difference in price for pre-scheduled vs. on-demand deliveries? Are there higher costs at peak times (“surge pricing”) or fuel surcharges? Can you easily calculate costs when scheduling a delivery – either online or on the phone? All of these inputs can impact your costs significantly. Make sure you have a current list of all pricing inputs before making your decision.

User-friendly Platform

Many of us would prefer to have all our interactions online, with only a few exceptions taken care of on the phone. Think about that when choosing a same-day delivery service provider. If they offer an online platform, ask for a live demo or even your own trial access.

Go through the process of scheduling a few deliveries so you can see the workflow. Is the process quick and straightforward, across multiple types of devices? What options do you have to view delivery status? Look for opportunities to track your deliveries on a live map, , view signature verifications, and submit feedback.

Consider what features are most important to you and weight them appropriately. If you’re constantly out and about and the platform doesn’t work on mobile, it’s probably a deal-breaker.

Easy Integration with Existing Systems

Your business already has systems for managing online ordering and fulfillment. How do you plug in same-day delivery without creating a ton of manual work? Look for same-day delivery service providers who can easily connect with your existing systems.

Connections can take several forms: it might be as simple as using an API with a little extra logic, or a custom integration built by the provider to connect to your internal systems. Whatever the case, check to see how much work is involved and how frequently it can be updated. Real-time updates are almost a necessity to keep up with the speed of same-day delivery.

Evaluating a same-day delivery service provider may take time, as the options offered by each one vary greatly.  However, the time you put in will pay off by meeting customer expectations.  

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