5 Reasons Why Labs Trust Their Medical Courier

It’s crucial for every lab to have a trusted medical courier to pick up patient necessities like specimens, medical records, and images. These items are irreplaceable, sensitive and life-saving. When transporting these items, proper handling is the most critical factor in ensuring they stay in perfect condition from the time they are picked up to reaching the final destination.

Unfortunately, some labs experience a lack of trust when it comes to their courier service. They often cite reasons such as late deliveries (making the specimen untestable), lack of visibility in delivery details, little to no chain of custody, and professionalism. 

Trusting your medical courier not only improves the delivery experience but allows for labs to focus on helping the patient in all aspects of their healthcare.

Here’s what we uncovered about the qualities medical couriers have that make them trustworthy.

They Have a Patient-First Initiative

There’s a patient on the other side of every single delivery and medical courier drivers are a  direct connection between your customers and your business. This experience is why it’s imperative for drivers to have customer service experience and represent a lab’s brand in the best light. 

Working with a medical courier should improve their relationships with their clients. A familiar driver who routinely walks in for daily deliveries providing professional service leaves a good impression on healthcare professionals and patients present.

They Provide Visibility Through Technology

A trusted medical courier should be able to provide live tracking, signature and email confirmations on all deliveries occurring at any given time across all locations your organization operates in. In addition to having turn-by-turn visibility, it is also valuable to have information about the driver who is delivering your critical items. The details should display a photo of the driver along with contact information in case your team needs to get in touch.

They Provide a Full Chain of Custody

You could be delivering several items across multiple locations in the U.S. and having a medical courier who provides a full chain of custody will ensure every delivery is accounted for. 

Keep in mind, those are the basic functions labs experience with a trusted medical courier. The more features they can provide to ensure full chain of custody, the better. 

Here’s a few examples of customizable features that should be provided for better security and protection.

  • Scanning and validating barcodes 
  • Capturing a photo of the package once it reaches its destination
  • Collecting a signature from the recipient upon arrival
  • Verifying the name, age, and ID 

They Have Professional Drivers

Labs who trust their medical couriers see a high level of professionalism in the drivers who pick up and drop off their deliveries. This professionalism includes background checked, HIPPA/OSHA certified drivers who are in branded uniforms and drive marked cars so they’re easily recognized upon arrival. 

These details go a long way because in some cases medical courier drivers are customer and patient-facing and your lab should always be represented in the best light.

They are Dedicated to Your Organization

Labs want a peace of mind when it comes to their logistics process and deem reliability as one of the most important factors their medical courier must have. In order for labs to trust their courier, they must have a dedicated team of logistics specialists who can help optimize their logistics process. 

Here are some of the ways to know if your organization has a dedicated medical courier:

  • Your organization has access to data analytics to locate areas for optimization
  • Your on-time performance is consistent
  • You have a proactive account manager monitoring and optimizing your logistics strategy

Ultimately, it comes down to the visibility, reliability and personalized solutions a medical courier can provide a lab that establishes the trust they need to have an effective logistics process. 

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