5 Reasons To Use a Same-Day Courier Service for Your Deliveries

When you need something delivered quickly, you have options other than UPS or Fedex. Using a same-day courier service will efficiently and reliably get your items from A to B. Different from a larger parcel company, same-day couriers pick up and deliver items within the same day, skipping the distribution center. Here’s our list of five reasons why you should use a same-day courier service for your local business deliveries:

1. Ensure on-time Arrival: With a same day courier service, you can plan exactly when you want your package picked up and delivered. If you are delivering to a customer or client, delivering when it fits their schedule will give you credibility and have them coming back time and time again. Have more control over your deliveries by using a same-day courier service. 

2. Speed: When you need an ASAP or rush delivery, same-day couriers have you covered. They often have bicyclists navigating the streets of downtown and drivers operating large and small vehicles to ensure that whatever size your delivery is, it will arrive on time. 

3. Affordability: Same-day delivery through a large parcel company is expensive, but sometimes three day shipping isn’t acceptable. With these companies, weight and package dimensions are the leading factors in calculating cost; while courier companies primarily base pricing off of distance travelled. Same-day courier services are an affordable alternative when you’re up against the clock. 

4. Communication: Try making last minute changes to your delivery with a large parcel company, and your best option is typically to have your package sent to their distribution center for you or your customer to pick-up. With most courier services, you can put a quick call into Dispatch or Customer Service to resolve any issues you’re having, including re-routing your package if your customer isn’t available at the original drop-off location or time. At Dropoff, we take it a step further, providing you with your delivery driver’s phone number so you can contact them directly instead of going through Dispatch.  

5. After Hours and Weekends: Same-day courier services can deliver after 5 o’clock and on weekends. So, if you’re a bakery who needs a birthday cake delivered to a customer on a Sunday, look no further than a same-day courier. 

Read more about how same-day couriers are different from other delivery services, and how Dropoff can help you and your company solve your same-day delivery needs.

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