The Role of Same-Day Delivery in PR

Any public relations professional will tell you a level of scrappiness is required for a job well done. That’s why those in the PR industry utilize every tool at their disposal, including same-day delivery, to address and maneuver situations as they arise. Timeliness, after all, is key for strategic communications.

The growing role of technology in PR has made handling last-minute changes, obstacles, and demands more manageable. Whereas the strongest asset of this people-driven industry used to be (and still is, to an extent) a robust Rolodex, technology has begun playing a larger part in a successful PR strategy over the past few years. Yet until just a few years ago, the PR industry has been slow to integrate tech. And for a $15 billion industry that’s projected to grow to $20 billion by 2020, PR is positioned to become one of the fiercest sectors in B2B technology.

An unexpected use of B2B technology that can drastically improve the efficiency of PR professionals’ day-to-day lives is the tech surrounding same-day delivery. From real-time tracking to mobile apps that make it easy to schedule delivery from anywhere at any time, on-demand, same-day delivery might just become one of the most valuable tools in a PR specialist’s arsenal.

How PR Professionals Can Utilize Same-Day Delivery

Ultimately, same-day delivery makes a PR professional’s life easier while also increasing their efficiency. Their scrappiness becomes even more actionable with the ability to produce an immediate turnaround. Here are just a few examples of the many opportunities for same-day delivery in public relations:

Managing last-minute needs during events

It’s not overzealous to say that same-day delivery can save the day for a PR professional organizing a launch party or promotional event. Whether it’s an extension cord or additional seating, same-day delivery makes it easy to accommodate last-minute needs. PR specialists provide far more value on the floor of an event than running to the store.

Getting media kits in the hands of reporters who need it ASAP

PR professionals tend to work with the same reporters time and time again, so it’s important to ensure that every interaction is positive. One way to do that is to deliver any tangible items that can’t be emailed ASAP. Quickly providing reporters with a media kit is oftentimes the difference between article/segment inclusion or not. By having the ability to send media kits same day, businesses are less likely to miss out on opportunities for media coverage due to delivery constraints. And when real-time tracking is leveraged, there’s no wondering whether or not the delivery was received.

Activations for outside markets

Using a same-day delivery service is a great way for businesses (particularly larger companies) to connect with an audience on a local level. Airbnb, which is headquartered in San Francisco, leveraged same-day delivery during Austin’s South by Southwest festival to surprise customers with gifts containing items like “Moscow Mule” kits, Airbnb branded socks, and portable Anker Power Core chargers. Using delivery to reach new and existing customers sets businesses apart by delighting customers in a fresh and unique way.

Sending promotional materials and samples to influencers

Influencer marketing is now a billion dollar industry, and PR professionals are including placements with influencers in their overall strategy. Same-day delivery services are a practical and professional way to maintain good rapport with influencers who are promoting a product or service. Turn influential fans into advocates by sending new products for them to sample.

Choosing the Right Delivery Provider

When partnering with a reliable delivery provider that leverages technology to increase efficiency and transparency, a PR professional’s scope widens as they’re able to carry out exciting ideas, as well as handle obstacles, in the moment. Just as a PR professional is an extension of the client they represent, same-day delivery providers serve as an extension of a PR agency or division.

Same-day delivery providers get in the trenches right alongside PR professionals to help them delight customers and manage last-minute needs. To take full advantage of the possibilities surrounding same-day delivery and media relations, PR specialists should look to partner with delivery services that offer real-time tracking, flexible scheduling, and upfront pricing. Though same-day delivery is a powerful tool, it’s only as effective as it is reliable.

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