How to Choose the Right Courier for Your Medical Deliveries in Denver

Running a health care company in Denver, Colorado means you need a reliable, easy way to get medical supplies delivered to your business and your patients. Partnering with a professional and dependable courier service will help save you time and resources. Since medical deliveries are usually sensitive, be diligent in your research so that you can choose the right courier for your medical deliveries in Denver. 


The right courier should be have a dedicated customer service team available to you whenever any questions or issues may arise. This will give you peace of mind in knowing you're not alone and will enable you to build a trusting relationship with your courier service. 

The health care field requires packages to be delivered to your business and your patients in a timely manner. You will not always have the luxury of ordering necessary items days or weeks in advance, which means that you need a courier who can get a package to a patient in a matter of minutes. Offering multiple same-day delivery service levels shows that a courier company understands the significance of the cargo being delivered and takes the health of your patients seriously. 

Additionally, you must know exactly when a package will be picked up and delivered. Several courier companies don't offer accurate ETAs or real time tracking, forcing you to call to check the status of your deliveries. This adds unnecessary stress and wastes time. In a recently conducted study by Dropoff, over half of those who had received medical deliveries reported that package tracking and signature verification is important to them. The right courier company for your medical deliveries in Denver will provide you with accurate ETAs, the ability to live map track every order, and will send you a notification when your patient has signed for their delivery. Partnering with the a courier company who offers this transparency is pertinent. 

Dropoff makes same-day delivery seamless for businesses. We background check our HIPAA-compliant Agents, we keep packages temperature-controlled, and we provide package tracking and delivery confirmations. We are dedicated to making the act of running your health care company easier and our policies reflect this. Contact us today to learn more. 



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What Our Clients Are Saying

"I can say with confidence our experience with Dropoff has been incredible! The courier service we use becomes the face of our company and represents the level of commitment we make to our patients and providers. With uniformed, professional drivers, clearly marked vehicles, and thorough, efficient service, Dropoff represents Avella as we would represent ourselves. The nature of our business and the entities we deal with require extensive, thorough documentation of every stage of our business. Dropoff provides the ability to track our shipments in real time and offers infinite access to signature images and all delivery details, securing our accountability in our local transactions. The level of customer service we receive from Dropoff has been wonderful and they have taken the concern out of my responsibilities for local shipping."

Kirk J. Hall - Shipping Clerk, Avella Specialty Pharmacy

"Just wanted to reach out and say ... WOW! We are already becoming big fans of Dropoff! Please, keep it up! We are definitely looking forward to 2017 with Dropoff!"

Amanda Morse - HR and Aministrative Manager, Newport Med Specialty Healthcare Management

"Dropoff just makes sense. There's always a courier in uniform and ready to go, regardless of the hour.  When the courier arrives at the hospital, they call to let the family know they've arrived, they get the packaged placenta, and have someone sign at the time of the pickup. (And, let's be frank: using a courier service lets us spend more time with our families! Instead of spending countless hours in the car, we're at soccer games and band competitions and piano recitals - or just sitting on the couch, hanging out with our kids. I can't tell you how many times we get calls during an activity that's really important to one of our kids and instead of leaving, we're able to send our courier service.)"

Maryn Taylor - Co-Owner, DFW Placenta

"We have used Dropoff since September 2015 and have not looked back with any regret! Keeping and maintaining happy clients is a major part of our business, where delivery of life saving intravenous medications to a patient is critical. All their couriers are dressed in uniformed attire, friendly, present professionally and are considerate of our need to provide medical intravenous and enteral products to our ill clients."

Edmund Lee R.PH - Branch Manager, Amerita Pharmacy Inc.
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How It Works

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Dropoff Delivers More

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