Dropoff Vs. Traditional Courier Services in San Diego 

San Diego is known far and wide for its amazing beaches and breathtaking views. Located on the Pacific coast of California, this famous city has all the attractive qualities a business owner could want in order to grow their business and expand their potential. This makes it more crucial than ever to put your trust in a reliable local courier service, such as Dropoff, to make sure your business deliveries are carried out with ease.


A Knack for Customer Excellence

At Dropoff, we excel at customer support. We make it our priority to cater to the customer first, meaning that we won’t settle for anything less than the absolute best customer service. We make it our priority to understand the needs and wants of our customers. We listen intently to our clients in order to better understand their pain points and adjust our business model to help reflect the customer feedback we receive. Other San Diego delivery services are not nearly as up-to-date with their customer feedback loop as we are, and they do not take the time and care to listen to their customers.

  • • Constantly listening and improving our product based on customer feedback
    • Round the clock customer care
    • Offered in cities across the country to support your business in multiple markets

Traditional San Diego Couriers:
  • • Customer service lacking in professionalism and quality care
    • No customer feedback loop to help better develop the product
    • Offered only in San Diego


Innovative Technology

We strive to simplify the process of ordering and tracking your important packages from start to finish. That’s why we offer online or mobile app ordering, real-time tracking capabilities on a live-map, up-to-the-minute ETAs and signature verification emails. In addition, our feature-rich API makes it easy for you to offer your customers same-day delivery directly from your e-commerce site. 



• Online and mobile app ordering
• Real-time tracking capabilities
• ETAs and confirmation emails
• An API that integrates with your website

Traditional San Diego Couriers:

•Little or no online ordering
• No mobile app
• No API for integrating into your site

A+ Drivers

Your company’s reputation is at stake and we work hard
to preserve it for you. That’s why all Dropoff Drivers are have customer service experience, are background-checked, screened, HIPAA compliant, and insured. In addition, they wear uniforms and drive branded vehicles for added peace of mind. With every Dropoff, you will receive your driver’s contact information and photo. At the end of the delivery you will have the option to rate and review your driver, which helps us keep the best talent serving you.


• HIPAA compliant, insured, and friendly drivers
• Branded uniforms to help our drivers stand out
• Receive contact information and a photo of your driver 
• Rate your driver at the end of each delivery

Traditional San Deigo Couriers:

• Drivers are not always HIPAA compliant
• Drivers are not always in branded uniforms, making it hard to locate
• Do not receive contact information of driver
• No ability to rate and review your driver

Accommodating Delivery Options

Need a last minute delivery made in the early morning or late at night? Look no further.

At Dropoff, we offer numerous delivery options to tend to your business’s specific needs. Whether it’s on-demand or a pre-scheduled delivery, Dropoff will send you an email confirmation, and up-to-the-minute ETAs, to take the stress off of your business by handling the nitty gritty details. Our delivery options are made possible in order to accommodate your needs. You no longer have to worry about maintaining your own fleet of vehicles for round-the-clock deliveries. Dropoff works to eliminate your stress and streamline the entire delivery process from start to finish.


• Ability to deliver on weekends, holidays, and nights
• ASAP, 2-Hour, 4-Hour, or All Day service levels
• Pre-scheduled or on-demand deliveries
• Ability to deliver for all business types

Traditional San Deigo Couriers:

• Sensitive packages are not always delivered with care
• Deliveries are often late and not able to be tracked
• Unavailable round-the-clock

Enterprise Solutions

Our enterprise customers can rest easy knowing that they can live-track all of their deliveries in all of their markets, from one screen. With Dropoff Tracker you no longer need to call to retrieve the information regarding your package's’ whereabouts or look up an individual tracking number to gain information. You are 100% in-the-know of where all of your important deliveries are, even if they are spread out across the country.


• See all deliveries assigned to an individual Dropoff driver
• Use Dropoff Tracker to check the status of all your crucial shipments
• Live, multi-market package tracking 

Traditional San Diego Couriers:

• No solid logistics management system for larger companies
• No live-map tracking 

We know that running and operating a business is not an easy task, and that’s why Dropoff works diligently to be your one-stop shop when it comes to all of your delivery needs. At Dropoff, we take our professionalism, customer service and proprietary technology very seriously, ensuring that your deliveries are made with the highest regard of care. Whether it’s easy web and mobile ordering, flexible delivery options, transparent pricing, or real-time tracking, Dropoff is the leader when it comes to local San Diego couriers. Choose Dropoff today and experience the improvement in professionalism, customer support, and advanced technology compared to other local couriers.



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What Our Clients Are Saying

"Our customers rely on us to be there for the moments that matter and we needed a logistics partner we could count on. We first turned to peer-to-peer services for our deliveries, but were unhappy with the level of service and how our customers were treated. Since switching to Dropoff, we’ve happily discovered they’re more than just a same-day delivery solution. Now we can get our customers their orders quickly, have trusted professional Agents representing our brand, and have been able to expand our business to boot.”

Susan Sarich - Founder, SusieCakes

"We have used Dropoff since September 2015 and have not looked back with any regret! Keeping and maintaining happy clients is a major part of our business, where delivery of life saving intravenous medications to a patient is critical. All their couriers are dressed in uniformed attire, friendly, present professionally and are considerate of our need to provide medical intravenous and enteral products to our ill clients."

Edmund Lee, R.PH - Brand Manager, Amerita Pharmacy Inc.

 "In this fast paced Austin hotel environment, we are always in demand for the highest level of service providers. Dropoff is one such provider, and our “go to” for all of our courier needs. They are swift, professional, and fairly priced for our guests. Their online system is a breeze, and we always know a driver will be here to pick-up or drop-off on time, with a smile!"

SHEENA GENDRON - Concierge Supervisor, JW Marriott Austin

"I've used lots of courier services over the years and Dropoff is by far my favorite. The drivers are neat, courteous, in uniform and friendly. I love the web functionality - you can literally see on a map exactly where your package is at any moment! Also, the mobile version of their website works great and makes scheduling a breeze, even when I'm not at my desk. I can't imagine using anyone else again!"

How It Works

How It Works

Start a Dropoff from anywhere

24/7, at the office, home, or on the go. Get upfront pricing and arrival times.

How Dropoff Works Courier Service laptop
Driver arrives for pickup

Track your Dropoff on a live map throughout the delivery process.

How Dropoff Works Driver Arrives for Pickup Courier Service
How Dropoff Works Driver Arrival
Delivered and confirmed

Instant confirmations let you know exactly when your Dropoff is picked up and completed.

How Dropoff Works iPhone Courier Services
Dropoff Delivers More

Dropoff Delivers More

Service with a Passion

We go the extra mile to deliver the highest level of service.

Upfront Pricing

Review pricing before every Dropoff, with no fuel surcharges or surge pricing.


Flexible Scheduling

On-demand or pre-scheduled, choose from ASAP, 2-Hour, 4-Hour or All Day.

Up-to-the-Minute ETAs

We remove the guesswork with clear arrival and delivery times.

Real-Time Tracking & Confirmations

Get peace of mind with live map tracking, confirmations and signature verifications.

Security & Reliability

Fully insured, background-checked and HIPAA-compliant drivers are at your service.

Feature-Rich API

Offer instant gratification with a same-day delivery option for your customers.

Fleet Replacement

Maintaining your own fleet is costly and a liability. Reduce overhead with Dropoff.

The Dropoff Experience

We always go the extra mile to deliver the highest level of service possible.

Anything Goes

Anything Goes

Here are just a few examples of items that Dropoff can deliver for your business.

Our Customers

A Few of Our Clients