Effective Immediately: New Protocol for Deliveries Requiring Signatures


Dear Dropoff Valued Customer:

We’ve all been watching the news over the past several weeks regarding the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and we’re sure that all of you are making your own plans to mitigate the risks associated with the spread of this virus.

At Dropoff, we are taking precautionary measures to help mitigate potential risks. Effective immediately, we are limiting the personal exposure that any of your employees or our drivers may experience while picking up or delivering a package. You may begin to see our drivers wearing gloves while making deliveries, and for the time being, we’re going to enable our drivers to personally sign on behalf of the sender or recipient for deliveries that require signature. 

Our drivers will execute this new protocol in the following manner:
1. First, they’ll type the name of the person receiving or delivering the item. In the example below, they’d be typing in the name of the recipient: “Bob B.” 

2. Next, the driver will sign their own initials on the signature line — “JD” as John Doe in the example below. This allows us to record the individual who was present at the time of the pickup and/or delivery, without requiring either the sender or recipient to touch the smartphone.

We value your partnership and we thank you for your collaboration through this period. We will keep you informed of any potential updates or changes to this policy. If you have any questions in the interim about this policy, please email us at support@dropoff.com, or call us at 1-800-DROPOFF.

Thank you,
Dropoff Team