Key Traits You Need in Your Medical Courier

Did you know that 1 in 3 consumers have reported having healthcare-related items delivered at least once a month? On top of that, of those who’ve had health care items delivered, nearly half said they want to receive their items same-day. As at-home health care becomes more and more common, getting pharmaceuticals and other medical supplies to patients’ homes is an ever-growing practice you can’t afford to bypass. That’s why partnering with a trusted medical courier will not only improve your business but your patient’s satisfaction and quality of life as well.

But medical couriers do more than just take your items from point A to B. They are transporting a patient’s life saving medication and other sensitive items. To ensure that your company works with the best medical courier, consider these five must-haves.

1. Professional Drivers

Medical couriers carry biological specimens, medications, oxygen tanks, medical supplies, sensitive documents, and beyond, so hiring a medical courier whose drivers are professional and reliable is of the utmost importance. They need to know how to properly handle these sensitive packages to ensure items get to the right place, on time and safely.

drivers must be easy to recognize, too. Opt for a medical courier service whose drivers wear uniforms and drive branded vehicles ranging in sizes, so that both you and your recipient can easily identify their courier. drivers should go through stringent background checks, carry the proper insurance and be HIPAA compliant, so that they understand the protocols for protecting patient information. Having professional couriers will exceed your patients’ expectations, while increasing loyalty in the process. 

2. Climate Controlled and Secure Delivery

Medications and medical items often require temperature-controlled transit. You want a courier that provides the proper equipment to safely and securely deliver health care and skincare items. Your medical courier service should have climate-controlled vehicles and provide their drivers with insulated bags for extra safety.

3. State-of-the-Art Technology

If you’re in the business of health care, you most likely have sensitive items that require careful monitoring. Select a medical courier that offers real-time tracking to both the sender and the recipient. This way you can always know when a patient’s delivery is set to arrive and once it’s been completed. Your patient, on the other hand, benefits from the added security and convenience of tracking their items and knowing exactly when they will be delivered. For both medical facilities and their patients, this is a valuable asset.

4. Flexibility

A medical courier is not a “during business hours only” service. Patients receiving at-home medications expect you to work with their schedule, not the other way around. To avoid missed deliveries, choose a medical courier company that offers flexible scheduling – 24/7/365. An on-demand service that has multiple time options for delivery will drastically decrease the chance of missing a delivery. Additionally, whether you need to preschedule an order months in advance or on-demand, your medical courier should have you covered. 

5. Experience in Medical Delivery

There are a lot of rules and regulations in the health care industry that must be followed, so partnering with a reliable and professional medical courier service that understands these protocols will give you peace of mind, while successfully delivering items to your patients, in tact and on time. It is essential that you choose a courier service that has experience delivering the following items: home infusions, x-rays, prescription medication, specimen samples, medical supplies and devices, surgical supplies, medical records, and medical equipment.

Dropoff same-day delivery service understands the requirements necessary for delivering a wide variety of health care items. From oxygen tanks, to medications, to specimens, supplies and beyond, Dropoff has the experience and the means to deliver sensitive items safely and securely.

Our professional drivers have multiple levels of insurance, go through extensive background checks, and are HIPAA compliant so that you never have to worry that your patient’s confidentiality is at risk. They wear uniforms and drive branded vehicles for an added level of security.

What’s more is that Dropoff is available to you 24/7/365 because we understand that when it comes to medical items, it often can’t wait. Transported in climate controlled vehicles, and insulated bags if necessary, your medical delivery can be tracked on a live map from start to finish. You’ll receive signature verification emails upon delivery completion, so you can rest assured that your items made it to your recipient on time, and with ease.

Contact Dropoff today to learn more about how we can help you and your patients.

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