Health Care Same-Day Delivery Heating Up

Imagine this: You get home from work and find a box at your doorstep. After inspecting the return address, you realize it’s from your pharmacy. When you open the box – which is partially crushed – heat escapes from inside, where your medication has been stored for an unknown amount of time. This medication is something you are supposed to take to improve your health. Now you have a choice: take the medication as-is or attempt to contact the pharmacy to ask for a replacement, or at least an explanation why your medication – and ultimately, your health – was handled with such minimal care. This experience occurs daily to patients.

As health care providers, we have to ask ourselves these questions:

  • Is this a situation you want your patients to experience?
  • Is this an accurate representation of your clinical staff?
  • Does this appropriately reflect your health care company?

As medical professionals, we work hard to ensure there is trust between us and our patients. One mishandled delivery can mean the end of the relationship you have worked so hard to establish. Medical items and especially medications, often need temperature considerations. Your medical courier needs to understand this and provide a service to your patients which meets these temperature needs.

Dropoff’s HIPAA-compliant drivers keep your medications in their own temperature-controlled vehicles until the deliveries are made to a live person, unless otherwise directed by your trained staff. What’s more, Dropoff offers real-time package tracking and delivery signature verifications so you know exactly when your patient signed for their package.

In this day and age where nearly 50% of patients want their health care items delivered to them same-day (according to a recent Dropoff study), getting pharmaceuticals and other medical supplies to patients’ homes quickly and conveniently is expected. That’s why partnering with a reputable medical courier like Dropoff will not only improve your business, but your patient’s satisfaction and quality of life as well. 

Dropoff has the expertise to be your trusted partner for same-day medical deliveries.  During record-setting high temperatures like we’ve seen this summer, don’t hope your medical delivery gets there the right way — let Dropoff guarantee it.

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