Farfetch and Dropoff partner up for Quick Gucci Deliveries

Posted by Rachel Carollo on May 19, 2017 12:09:15 PM

What’s more luxurious than Gucci? Gucci in 90 minutes or less. Farfetch, a luxury retailer marketplace, has partnered with Dropoff in Los Angeles and Miami for same-day, store-to-door delivery of ready-to-wear Gucci products.  

The New York Times explains how it works, “This week, Farfetch unveiled F90, a delivery service for Gucci in which Farfetch will facilitate the delivery and return of products directly from the Gucci store to a customer in 90 minutes across 10 cities.”

As Farfetch works to bring the “retail experience of the future,” into the present, same-day delivery was a natural next step -- and Dropoff proved to the be the perfect partner. In fact, in a consumer survey Dropoff recently conducted in February 2018, we found that after receiving same-day delivery, 74% of respondents said that they were more likely to purchase from that retailer again. Put simply, same-day delivery is changing the future of shopping habits.

Demographics play a big part in this trend. As Millennials’ purchasing power continues to grow, it’s important for retailers to listen to their wants. In that same study, we found that 50% of millennials expect faster delivery compared to a year ago. As Farfetch and their important partner, Gucci, continue to target millennials, it comes as no surprise that they want to add same-day delivery to the list of luxury amenities they offer.

The need for a white glove, same-day delivery service was imperative for Farfetch as they set out to serve Gucci’s high-end clientele. Dropoff is proud that Farfetch is placing their trust in us to provide the instant gratification that Farfetch and Gucci customers want in a professional, reliable, and scalable way.

“Timely delivery of product remains the top of all criteria for luxury consumers,” Jose Neves, Founder of Farfetch said in The New York Times article. “They want storytelling and theater of course, but they also want their chosen item, in the right color, size and in their hands as quickly as possible.”

Dropoff is excited to partner with Farfetch to power their 90 minutes or less service in Los Angeles and Miami. We look forward to expanding with them to additional cities and brands, helping them to offer more of their customers the luxury of same-day delivery.

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