Dropoff Introduces Intelligent Dispatch™

Today we’re proud to announce Intelligent Dispatch™, our new technology that will help us better scale our expanding fleet of same-day delivery couriers.  

Traditional courier operations are often extremely manual with everything from pickup to delivery confirmations coordinated over the phone or via fax and with dispatch teams manually routing orders to drivers. Our goal from the beginning has been to improve these operations by automating and bringing them online, helping our clients get items to their partners, patients and customers faster. Our initial technology tripled dispatch capacity overnight, and included features such as online and mobile ordering, real-time package tracking, email confirmations, and signature verifications. Now with Intelligent Dispatch, we’re bringing the next level of scale by automating dispatch. This will give us near infinite scale to customize and manage huge volumes of delivery requests as we expand across the country.

Intelligent Dispatch will operate 24/7/365 to automatically and consistently respond to delivery requests within seconds. The technology features artificial intelligence-like decision-making capabilities that take into account real-time traffic conditions, geospatial information, order timeliness, and current driver capacity. Intelligent Dispatch was the result of extensive research and testing to create a platform that could handle the many demands of same-day scheduling and delivery as our company continues to scale and grow.

Read our Intelligent Dispatch press release to learn more about how we’re reinventing the way traditional courier dispatch is done.

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Enhance The Customer Experience With Same-Day Delivery Services!  
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Enhance The Customer Experience With Same-Day Delivery Services!