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Why Diabetics Can Benefit From Pharmacies That Offer Same-Day Delivery

Posted by Ernie Faucher, Pharm. D on Nov 14, 2017 11:00:49 AM

Is it you or the person next to you who could be walking around with undiagnosed diabetes? According to the International Diabetes Federation, 1 in 12 adults worldwide has diabetes, and 1 in 2 adults with diabetes hasn’t been diagnosed. Diabetes occurs when the pancreas produces very little or no insulin, or when the body doesn’t respond appropriately to insulin.

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Why This Former Pharmacy Manager Joined Dropoff

Posted by Ernie Faucher, Pharm. D on Oct 18, 2017 11:07:00 AM

“Where is my delivery?” is not what you want to hear when you pick up the phone at your healthcare facility. We have all received this call and then scrambled to find the answer. How much time is lost finding out where the item is in its course?

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Health Care Same-Day Delivery Heating Up

Posted by Ernie Faucher, Pharm. D on Aug 22, 2017 9:22:39 AM



Imagine this: You get home from work and find a box at your doorstep. After inspecting the return address, you realize it's from your pharmacy. When you open the box - which is partially crushed - heat escapes from inside, where your medication has been stored for an unknown amount of time. This medication is something you are supposed to take to improve your health. Now you have a choice: take the medication as-is or attempt to contact the pharmacy to ask for a replacement, or at least an explanation why your medication - and ultimately, your health - was handled with such minimal care. This experience occurs daily to patients.

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Key Traits You Need in Your Medical Courier

Posted by Ernie Faucher, Pharm. D on Jun 7, 2017 10:12:00 AM

Did you know that 1 in 3 consumers have reported having health care related items delivered at least once a month? On top of that, of those who've had health care items delivered, nearly half said they want to receive their items same-day, according to a study Dropoff conducted. As at-home health care becomes more and more common, getting pharmaceuticals and other medical supplies to patients' homes is an ever-growing practice you can't afford to bypass. That's why partnering with a trusted medical courier will not only improve your business, but your patient's satisfaction and quality of life as well.

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Five Things to Consider When Choosing a Medical Courier

Posted by Ernie Faucher, Pharm. D on Jun 15, 2016 4:05:09 PM

From my years of experience as a Pharmacist, I know that when patients are ill they want their medication, and they want it fast. But sometimes, that is easier said than done. If you’re a hospital, pharmacy, or doctor’s office, logistics management isn’t your bread and butter. And relying on a traditional courier service can be risky, especially if they don’t meet the standards required for medical delivery. Plus, when you need medication taken to an elderly person in their private home, you want total confidence in the courier you’re sending to their house. You want professionalism and transparency. So, when choosing a courier for your medical deliveries, make sure the following things are apparent.

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